Friday, November 24, 2017

Best Glue Ever for Transforming Your Vintage Treasures

Welcome to Part Two of transforming your vintage treasures with ScraPerfect.  Shelly with you today with my finished vintage receipt holder project.

Earlier this month, I showed you how I use Best Cleaner Ever to prep my flea market finds for transformation in this blog post:  Best Cleaner Ever for Transforming Your Vintage Treasures.

Today I am sharing the versatility of Best Glue Ever.

What I used:

  • Best Glue Ever
  • Water
  • Reclaimed Wood 16x7x3/4 (from my yard)
  • Loose Weave Burlap (Big Box Craft Store)
  • Foam Paint Brush
  • Dish for Mixing Glue and Water
  • Nail Head Trim (Fabric Store)

*while I am using vintage receipt holders, this project can be adapted for  many things - - think of other vintage items you might find or inexpensive hooks that can be screwed into wood

Here's what I did:

  • Clean wood thoroughly
  • Cut a piece of burlap long enough to  wrap to back of wood
  • Put a SMALL amount of Best Glue Ever on dish, spray with water to thin - work with small batches - you will not need a lot of Best Glue Ever to get good adhesion! And remember, it dries clear.

  • Using your foam brush, spread thinned glue across your board
  • Apply burlap and press down firmly
  • Flip wood over and adhere excess burlap
  • Using nail head trim and hammer, attach items to board

And that's all there is to creating a cute display for your flea market treasures!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today - have a creative weekend!


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Using BGE On All Kinds Of Surfaces

Hey there!
Lisa here today.
I was digging through some photos and found this one of my kids when they were younger. Sierra was probably 4 and Austin 2.
I used lots of Echo park stash for this page along with an acetate sheet from Paper House Productions and The Best Glue Ever from ScraPerfect.

I placed the snowflake acetate on top of white cardstock and then added some of The Best Glue Ever under the acetate where I would be placing my photo. This held the acetate in place until I added some stitching.
Then I added some layers of patterned papers under my photo and held them together using The Best Glue Ever:

I added a snowflake sticker, which I also added some of the Best Glue Ever to. Since the sticker was older, it wasn't all that sticky, so the glue helps it stick better to the acetate. I also added a flourish and stitched it in place:

I popped up the house and post with craft foam and then adhered it to the layout with the Best Glue Ever:

I used a variety of alphas for my title from the Echo park collections and noticed as I was taking these photos that I will have to add some of The Best Glue Ever with the no clog writing cap. This has a small tip that is perfect to get glue in all those small spaces.

As you can see, this glue works on all surfaces! It has replaced so many in my craft room and home.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

How to remove caulk with ScraPerfect's Best Cleaner Ever

Hello friends, Linda here to share How to remove caulk with ScraPerfect's Best Cleaner Ever. A few years ago I had a craft catastrophe. Ever have one of those? Well, I was working with caulk near my sewing machine and ended up leaving a blob on the machine that I could never remove.

How to remove caulk with ScraPerfect's Best Cleaner Ever

Then when I got the Best Cleaner Ever I decided I would see if it could remove the caulk. And guess what? It removed it from my machine and it looks like that craft catastrophe never happened!

First I sprayed a little of the cleaner on the area and rubbed it around with my finger. I could tell it would take a while for the cleaner to work so I left it to stand for an hour or so.

How to remove caulk with ScraPerfect's Best Cleaner Ever

After some time when I checked it was coming of, but need a little help with scraping. After a few minutes of scraping it all came off the machine.

Here is a video showing the process so you can see How to remove caulk with ScraPerfect's Best Cleaner Ever.

This really is the Best Cleaner Ever, pick up a bottle today. You never know when you need to know How to remove caulk with ScraPerfect's Best Cleaner Ever.

How to remove caulk with ScraPerfect's Best Cleaner Ever

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

How to Use The Best Glue Ever in an Art Journal

I got the amazing chance to add an entry into a traveling art journal with the theme of blue.  How cool is it that my page now can be seen by so many people in person since it travels all around and inspired more people to create art!

Here is a video on how I made the art journal page.

I knew I did not want to do all the mediums and spraying in the journal and get it all painted and messed it up for future people to add their art into the pages, so I created the art on a separate piece of paper to then glue into the journal.

I needed a good quality glue to hold all the strips into the journal without it buckling and warping the page, bring on the BEST GLUE EVER to the rescue!!

I love the ability of using the fine tip applicator of the No Clog Writing Cap to help get in the comers without adding in a ton of glue and making it a giant mess.

What is your trick for keeping you wet glue less messy?

How to create an adorable new puppy one page layout

     Hey everyone!  Lyne back today sharing how I created a new puppy layout using the Best Glue Ever.

     The Best Glue Ever came in real handy when creating the layers on the squares of this layout.  I allowed me to move things just a bit, but then have the permanency that even ATG doesn't offer.
     The glue also made gluing the squares down easier since they had dimension.  Rolling the ATG over the squares wasn't working very well.  I have a video up on my channel showing the process if you'd like to see it. 
     Until next time...stay crafty and keep using your ScraPerfect products.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Make a Thanksgiving Wreath Using Leafs

A couple weeks ago I showed you how to use the Best Glue Ever to add gilding to leaves from your yard (and if you need leaves, please, let me know.  I've got more than enough to share!)

I like to use the leaves on my Thanksgiving table instead of a centerpiece as well as lay them on top of the folded napkins.  Today I'm going to share a quick project you can do with your gilded leaves - make a fall wreath.

I started with a straw wreath form from the local craft store, several spools of velvet ribbon,  a sheet of gold glitter foam, a sheet of DCWV blue cork paper, stick pins, and the Best Glue Ever.  I used the Tattered Leaves die from Tim Holtz's Sizzix collection to cut leave shapes with the foam and cork sheets.

To start I gathered up my gilded leaves and arranged them on my wreath form to get a good idea of what I wanted the finished wreath to look like.  I then put drops of the Best Glue Ever on one side of the wreath and let them dry until they were tacky.  The glue will hold the ribbon to the wreath as I wrap it around the form.  I wasn't sure how far I'd get with the ribbon, but I figured any extra dots would be used to hold the cork and form shapes. Word to the wise: buy extra spools of ribbon, as you never seem to have enough.

I knew I would be covering the bottom of the wreath with leaves, so I concentrated the ribbon on about half the form.  The remaining dots of the Best Glue Ever were used to adhere the cork and foam shapes to the straw. These help fill in as a background and provide a bit of color.

Next, I took the gilded leaves and attached them to my wreath with decorative stick pins, overlapping them.  I decided not to seal the leaves I gilded two weeks ago, which let them dry out more and curl.  It gives them a lot more interest, however, since I didn't seal them they won't last more than a week or so outside before they really start crumbling  -- which is fine since it will be time to switch to an evergreen wreath.  

Using the stick pins on the leaves will let me easily remove them while preserving the rest of the wreath to reuse, perhaps in the spring with paper flowers or plastic eggs.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

How To Create a Floral Bird House Card

 Hi all
I  have a card to share on the blog today. I used the foils with Best Glue ever to create a birdhouse themed card.


MDF Birdhouse
Acrylic paint
Resin flowers

Cover a 5 x 7 card blank with patterned paper and then cover half the card with floral print paper. Tear a strip of light pink paper and adhere across the card. Cut two flags from the patterned paper and layer them together before adhering to the card.
Add a sentiment

Paint the mdf birdhouse i teal and then use Best Glue Ever to adhere a strip of lace across the bottom and a large resin flower on the side.

Apply Best Glue Ever to the roof and window pieces and allow it to go tacky. Next take a small piece of purple foil and rub it onto the pieces with your finger. If you get a few patches just repeat the steps until it is covered. Glue the pieces together and then adhere to the card.

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