Monday, July 24, 2017

How to add an easy POP to your projects with Transfer Foils

Hello and welcome back to the blog today.  Shelly with you, sharing a simple layout with a pop of metallic red.  I love pops of red on my layouts and ScraPerfect Transfer Foils are so easy to use, they make adding a POP to your layout a cinch! Today's layout is commemorating my life long passion for reading.

To create my red foil arrow:

  • Using finger (or small paintbrush if you prefer) cover entire surface of chipboard shape with a VERY thin layer of Best Glue Ever.  BGE will go on white, and then clears as it dries.  
  • Once the glue has become clear and tacky to the touch, place your transfer foil (color side up) on top of your chipboard piece
  • Rub with your finger all over entire surface
  • Quickly pull transfer foil sheet off of chipboard piece
  • It really is that easy!

Another embellishment technique I love using is to "deactivate" stickers with the Perfect Crafting Pouch.  This allows me to layer and build up the stickers and even add dimension.

Once I customized my embellishments, I put my layout together and of course used my Embellie Gellie to apply most of my components.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today.

Have a creative week!


Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Cute Kindergarten Graduation Card Makes A Good Point!

Tracy here today with a graduation card for my youngest granddaughter who just graduated from Kindergarten.

To make the pencil I started with a plain old popsicle stick.

I used an exacto knife to cut one end into a point and then just painted it to look like a pencil. Then I wondered what to use to attach it to the card. Silly me! Of course I would use some of the Best Glue Ever. It held perfectly!  This glue seems to work on everything! I can't imagine scrapping without it!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a scrappy day!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

How to clean copic refill stains.

Hello everyone this is Mona back with a fun fact about this amazing product callled The Best Cleaner
Ever. You can find this cleaner in the ScraPerfect store along with many other terrific products.


When refilling my copics I made a mess, the hole is very small and had leaks of the refill all over my marker and leaving it really sticky and not pretty looking. 

It also left my hands sticky and stained.

I decided to try this product Best Cleaner Ever ... let me tell you one little squirt and the stickiness and the stains were gone ,on the marker and my hands. This product is amazing it is Safe for hands, tools, brushes, clear & rubber stamps, fabrics, & more  it also Removes: Solvent ink including StazOn; Permanent markers; Adhesive build-up on scissors; Latex, enamel, & spray paints, Duct tape residue; Best Glue Ever™– even from fabric; & more!!! Best of all it is non-toxic.

If you are interested in this product please go on ScraPerfect website to purchase or view all of their other products. Here is the link for your convenience

Gorgeous Shabby Chic Upcycle

Hello ScraPerfect fans, Kim L. here today to share with you my latest project. I upcycled a canvas bag into a shabby chic gift bag suitable for any woman in your life.  I hope you like it!  I couldn't have made this without some amazing products from ScraPerfect.  Here it is:

I started out with a plain canvas bag and adhered some white lace to serve as a background with the
Best Glue Ever and I only had to use a very thin line. Then, I secured the cream doily to the center and lace trim to the sides, also with the Best Glue Ever. I cut the canvas image of the lady into a circle shape and attached it to the center of the cream doily with the Best Glue Ever again.
I layered a cream dangle lace and a lavender lace on the bottom of the gift bag and then added a piece of purple bling in the center with a glue dot made from the Best Glue Ever.  Here is a close up of the laces on the bottom of the bag:

Next, I started embellishing and added a delicate lavender trim around the edge of the image.  I adhered some lavender sprigs to the bottom of the image, and a couple of doily centers as well. Everything was glued to the bag with ScraPerfect's amazing Best Glue Ever.  I utilized my
Embellie Gellie to perfectly place tiny lavender flatback pearl accents and a few white pearl embellishments.

As a finishing touch, I gave the entire front of the bag a few spritzes of  purple shimmer spray from my stash.  Deciding to keep the back of the bag simple, I chose to only add a matching cream doily, which was adhered with the Best Glue Ever.

I enjoyed making this gift bag so much that I was inspired to try a larger one.  So here is a bonus project, all made with ScraPefect products too.  This one was done in a different color palette, hope you like this shabby gift bag too:

I thank you for stopping by today, please follow this blog, leave me a comment on this post, and be sure to check out ScraPerfect for the entire line of products.  I hope you will try altering a bag and share photos too, they are fun and addicting!

Until Next Time,

Kim Lippincott

Friday, July 21, 2017

How I saved my favorite ink pad

Hey Scrappy Friends!  Lyne here and if you've been following me for a bit you know that I like to find creative uses to use my Best Glue Ever.  I have another one for you today.
     My baby girl LOVES my ink pads for some reason.  I have to drag her away from them at least five or six times a day.  Well, before I could get to her the other day she managed to rip my favorite color ink pad apart.
     I knew it needed to be a special glue to repair this because I didn't want to compromise the ink.  Best Glue Ever is good for use with foam so I figured I'd give it a try.
     Look at how little  glue it took to stick the ink pad versus the original!
     I also took the above pictures for you holding the ink pad upside down and sideways to show how well it stuck!  I'm so glad that my favorite color ink pad could be saved since I can't procure these locally.  Keep watching for more creating ways to use the ScraPerfect products.

How to Add More Photos to Your Scrapbook Pages.

Hello friends Penny here to show you how to add more photos to your scrapbook pages.

So this layout is features my granddaughter Madison, and her fondness for playing dress-up. To make the most of this page I cut away parts of each photograph so that I could fit more photos on this layout. What helped me do this with these photos is the matching background of each of these photos. Using a plain background during your photo shoot is a great choice when you know you'll be taking a lot of photos on the same day. While it's not totally necessary it makes your layout appear more cohesive when you are done. 

So I started this layout with some beautiful pattern papers from Robin's Nest Scrapbooking. along with a solid pink cardstock, and their beautiful glittered crown paper. I also used some of their Dew Drops to highlight the title, and other areas on the layout. The word "Fabulous" was from one of their card collections, and I spelled out "Madison" using their Glittered Alphabet stickers. 

For accents, title, and photo corners I used a brown solid, and another brown pattern paper as well. 

To add some girly bling I added strips of bling, glued in place with ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever/ with
the No Clog Writing Cap. This worked great because the glue hold's amazingly well, and the writing cap let me put glue in a fine straight line where I wanted the bling strips, and in just tiny specks for the Dew Drops. 

Along the top edge of this layout I also added a strip of washi tape, and under the bottom photo the word "Awesome" is also a cut out from some washi tape. Under each photo on top I added a ribbon bow.

This layout was super easy and even though it has 4 large photo's on it, it doesn't look cluttered, or boring. I hope you enjoyed today's layout, and until next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny

Thursday, July 20, 2017

How to Transform Plain Pocket Cards with Stamping

Are you a project life fiend? Do you have oodles and oodles of 3x4 cards sitting around? It's easy to take these cards from ho-hum to wow!

Grab some stamps and let's use these cards! You can easily personalize these cards by adding images, words or phrases as I did.  Or try adding a subtle pattern to the background with a light or versamark ink. It's 

This 3x4 card was pretty bare - just a blue background with a few white phrases.  I thought these phrases would work well with soon-to-be-had camping photos, as my son will be attending several Boy Scout camps this summer.  I pulled a few clear stamps from the Feel Free set by Kerri Bradford and grabbed my brand spankin' new Tim Holtz stamp platform.

To use the platform, I lined my stamps up on my card.  Once I was satisfied with their placement, I  lowered the clear top to grab the stamps. Small magnets hold your paper in place so you can stamp multiple times, if needed, or make multiple copies -- which is so amazing because if your first image doesn't turn out complete or dark enough you can reink and restamp easily.

Before I stamped I treated my card with the Perfect Crafting Pouch, and then needed to restamp the image again since I was too impatient to do a test stamp first. I was pretty happy - the tiny print on the bottom isn't as crisp, but I put that down to operator error (i.e. pressing too hard).

After stamping with archival ink, my platform looked like this:

I grabbed my bottle of the Best Cleaner Ever and a paper towel.  One small squirt on the paper towel was enough to clean the extra ink off the stamps as well as the platform.